Custom and personalised orders

Unfortunately we are unable to refund or exchange Personalised items,
Unless it is our mistake then we shall correct and pay for postage costs.
Please make sure you spell anything you want stamping, we will only stamp what we see.

Care instructions

With our Jewellery we suggest you do not wear them while showering, getting your pieces wet will speed up the process of the colouring wearing off. They still look fantabulous but we also love the colouring
If the enamel is wearing off you can use a Sharpie to colour in the lettering. However Enamel paint is what we use as it is more hard wearing. :)
To care for silver plated items do not allow them to come into contact with sprays, perfumes, Creams or oil. Do not shower or bath in plated jewellery.
Silver Plated Chains will tarnish over time. To increase the longevity to clean, get a bowl and coat with tin foil, add hot water and add a tea spoon of bicarbonate of soda. Place the chains in the bowl cover in water 5min, no more than 10min

Shipping and delivery.

While we stick to our end of the bargain and ship all orders out within the 7 day time frame we can not control how long it takes for your item to arrive at your destination.

In the UK 1st Class can take from 1 day to a week. Second Class can take anywhere from 3 days onwards.

If we are posting overseas (ie America, Australia etc) it can take as little as 9 days to almost a few months, we are not in control of customs so if your items are delayed it is best to check your local custom office.
During busy periods such as Christmas, please accept that longer delays could be inevitable, it is out of our control.

Are all your items Hand stamped

Yes unless stated.
Every time someone orders I restamp the order just for you.
Every little letter (3mm) is struck into the metal one at a time, each letter is lined up, struck, polished, and darkened with Enamel if necessary.

Every piece made I remake will have slight variations which means no two orders will be exactly the same. The letters will not be aligned perfectly, they may have slighlty different depths to them and this is because a machine has not done it, this is what makes hand stamping so special. They are perfectly imperfect in every way.

What are the marks on the back of the hand stamped items?

These marks are called 'displacement' This is becasue we stamp your item the metal has to go somewhere else.
They can be found on the back of your keyring or even the front around the lettering.
This is not a sign of a poor product or a fault.
It is extremely common and adds character to your item.
Where possible we will remove the marks but it is not always possible.

Custom and personalised orders

Don't worry!
Send us a message and we will be happy to assist. Alot of the times we do have more available, as we sell on other Platforms, we equal out our stock. However we are happy to juggle things around for you or order in more just for you :)

Personalised photo orders

We are extremely busy with these sorts of orders and we can not chase up all prints, we ask politely if you can send within 24 hours.

If not, we have the right to cancel your order so we can carry on with the other requests that have sent in their prints.
We complete these orders on time of order listing system.
We will not complete any other print orders until we have worked down the list.
If we are waiting on your prints no one else will be getting theirs completed.
This is so we know we have not missed out on any multiple orders and have our full concentration.

I gave you the wrong address and now it will not arrive in time. Can I cancel and be refunded?

We do not refund or cancel orders that will not arrive on time or have been returned back to us because you can not give us a correct postal address.
This is duly because we have still have had to use stock, make your order and posted it to you.
All we ask is you give us the full address of where you live and more importantly the correct address.
We will ask for your correct address and will send it back to you.

I gave you an order and it had a spelling mistake. Can I have a refund?

We do not refund or cancel orders that have spelling or grammar mistakes.
We copy exactly what is on your order.

This is because we do not have time to proof read every order we receive.
Please make sure you have it correct when sending it to us.

If you notice a spelling mistake on your finished order, you can re-order with correct spellings or punctuations. However, we will not refund for your last order as this was your mistake, not ours,

There is no need to bully, threaten or blackmail us.
We do not tolerate abusive behaviour.

If you ordered and it was our mistake we will happily remake and send you another to replace our mistake.

Help! I only just noticed my address is wrong and it has already been dispatched.

Unfortunately, we can not do anything until it gets back to us.
If it is tracked you can track it to your local sorting office and go there and explain you put the wrong address /postcode/zip code on. If it does not we suggest you still go to your local sorting office as they may also keep hold of your parcel.
They will search for it there.
They hold post for around 7 days (maybe more depending on your area) before sending back to us.
Once it gets back to us we will inform you and we will arrange for you to pay for postage again and send it back.
You can either pay for postage back to you or re-order and we will remake your order where possible.

We will not refund you your item.
We only refund mistakes made by ourselves